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XL Bully and other  banned breeds

As we enter 2024, many pet owners are wondering: "Can I bring my XL Bully or other restricted breeds to a private dog field?" At Lees Moor Paws, we're happy to welcome dogs of all kinds, but it's essential to follow rules from the UK Government and our insurers.


Below are the latest guidelines for using Lees Moor Paws if you own a restricted or banned breed, like the XL Bully. 

Compliance: Owners must follow DEFRA regulations and government guidelines for XL Bully and restricted breed ownership. Additional rules from our insurers apply.

Guidelines for Dog Owners at Lees Moor Paws:

1. Handler-to-Dog Ratio:

  • If you have more than one dog at home, they can come to the field together with at least one handler.

  • Once inside, all dogs, including XL Bully and banned breeds, can be off leads and without muzzles if from the same household.

  • If mixing dogs from different households, XL Bully and banned breeds must stay muzzled and leashed, with a 1:1 handler.

2. Field Sharing:

  • Sharing the field with dogs from the same household is allowed under the conditions in item 1.

  • XL Bully and banned breeds must stay muzzled and leashed when mixing households.

3. Muzzle Protocol:

  • Wear a muzzle when entering and exiting; remove it only after securely closing the gate.

  • Reinstate the muzzle before opening the gates when leaving.

4. Lead Usage:

  • Use leads during entry and exit until securely inside the main field.

  • Reverse this process when leaving, with gates securely closed.

5. Registration and Paperwork:

  • Your dog must be registered on the IED and have a certificate of exemption. Must be able to produce documents if requested.

6. Insurance Obligation:

  • Owners must have the correct public liability insurance and must be aged over 16 years old to handle the dog/s.

7. Neutering and Microchipping:

  • Dogs must be neutered and microchipped according to government rules.

8. Secure Gates:

  • Ensure that gates are securely closed during field use.

9. Additional Compliance:

  • Agree to follow any extra rules from our insurers or reasonable requests from Lees Moor Paws in case of an incident.

10. General Terms and Conditions: 

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